European 2011:Sergio Moraes wins absolute

Sérgio in absolute action

And history will show Sérgio Moraes to be the grand champion of the European Open absolute class.

In the final the submission wizard, who came to stardom upon submitting Kron Gracie in 2008, defeated Cláudio Calasans Jr., of Atos JJ, by a single advantage point after a 4-4 draw.

The absolute decider was the latest chapter in the recent rivalry between Alliance and Atos JJ.

There was one more rivalry, however, at the Euro Open 2011.

The light featherweight division featured the best final of the lot, with Bruno Malfacine and Ary Farias bringing the crowd to its feet and raising the temperature in the gymnasium. “It was s tough match to ref,” said top-notch referee Múzio de Angelis.

A lot of back-and-forth movement, sweeps, throws and ferocious attacks on the feet set the tone for the showdown between two fighters who had nothing else on their minds but getting the finish. In the end, a 6 to 4 score handed Ary his first gold medal as a black belt.

History will also smile kindly on Lúcio Lagarto and his emotion-filled win at superheavyweight. His 8 to 0 score over Rafael Lovato Jr., coming from a sweep and two guard passes, was nothing compared to his victory over cancer, even training while undergoing chemotherapy.

At medium heavyweight, Bráulio Estima arrived straight from the funeral of a dear friend in England to fulfill his pledge to dedicate his victory to him. When the final against Sérgio was over, with two advantages in Bráulio’s favor, Carcará pointed skyward and shouted: “This one’s for you, Steve!”

There was but one more division that had a final. At middleweight, Cláudio Calasans imposed his game on Bruno Almeida and latched on to his neck, getting the only tapout of the finals.

In the female division, Oceané Talvard defeated Elizangela Galvão at light featherweight; Marina Medeiros defeated Kyra Gracie at featherweight; Luanna Alzuguir overcame Michelle Nicolini; and Ida Hansson defeated Priscila Juni.

The team placement went as follows: Alliance wins for a second time, followed by Lloyd Irvin, and then Brasa.


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