Ready Fight Gear:Good Luck Today Marcão You’ll be Champion.

Ready Fight Gear
Calling Letter
To Friends and Partners,
You that have been a part of all the journey of training, dedication and victories of Marcos “Marcao” Oliveira “Santa Cruz” are being called for our last big battle. You that helped Marcao on the training, You that always gave… to him that word of love, friendship and confident. You that were with Marcos on the tough moments.
To all of us that in some way made part of this athlete’s history that plays with his heart and act with his heart, March 11 2011 is our day. Everyone that has been day by day with him, knows how much Marcao prepared himself for this fight, we know that he is focused more then he’d never been before and he is ready to put this ADFC belt on his waist.


So, lets go everybody, lets dominate the Sport Zayed City on 11/03/2011. The gates are open at 6:00 pm and the event startes at 19:30 pm. To all the friends that are far way from Abu Dhabi, send to him you though of protection, strength and positive vibrations. Marcao knows he is not alone and like he always use to say:
READY Family

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