Jiu-Jitsu with 60K Euros prize money in Italy

Biella, Italy / Photo: publicity 

The gentle art is growing by leaps and bounds all across the planet, and in Europe things are no different. Thus being the case, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professional Cup is all set to bring the action to Italy on May 13-15. In all, 60,000 Euros will be distributed in prize money.

The event will be held at Lauretana Forum Stadium, in the picturesque town of Biella. The event is open to all academies and sign-ups go until May 5, with a discount rate until April 15.

“There will be cash prizes for all the athletes from white to black belt. There will also be cash prizes for the female and male master divisions. There will only be money prizes if there a match does in fact take place in the category in question. The juvenile, senior and super senior divisions will not reward cash prizes, but they will reward medals,” explains event organizer Ari Galo, who is also a black belt.

The adult male division athletes from white to brown belt will need to place in the top four of their weight classes in order to qualify for the absolute.

The adult female category will only have under 66kg and over 66kg weight classes. Furthermore, white and blue belt athletes will compete together, as will the athletes belonging to the purple, brown and black belt divisions.

Click here for further information.


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