Manager: “Anderson Silva is a bad fight for GSP


Georges St. Pierre is set to fight Jake Shields on April 30th at UFC 129, but many fans are thinking forwards. After Anderson Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort in February, the president of the UFC, Dana White, revealed that GSP would be the next opponent of the middleweight champion in case he beats Shields, and the Brazilian’s manager is excited about the bout.

“Anderson has proven he’s the best fighter and he handles it quite good. It’s a complicated fight to GSP… It’s a pretty bad fight for him”, Silva’s manager Jorge Guimarães to TATAME, believing that the bout could happen on a catchweight between 170 and 185lbs. “Anderson has this biotype, he loses weight easily, he can make any weight, so I believe a catchweight division would be perfect for GSP, and Anderson wouldn’t have problems with that. Who’d have a problem would be GSP, because Anderson can lose that weight easily and, at the day of the fight, he’d be on his usual weight, so I believe it’s complicated for Georges St. Pierre”, bets.



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