Waters Tested, Anderson Silva Not Planning Return To Light Heavyweight

Anderson Silva UFC 126

Whenever the term “super fight” is thrown around, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s name inevitably comes up.

The man who has stayed undefeated in the UFC while riding a nearly five-year, 14-fight unbeaten streak, is almost universally ranked as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport. Silva has also ventured out of his usual weight class and laid a beatdown on fighters like Forrest Griffin and James Irvin at 205 pounds.

It’s no wonder that almost the moment that Jon Jones finished off Maurcio “Shogun” Rua, the questions immediately came flowing in about the new UFC light heavyweight champion squaring off against Silva.

Well, it doesn’t appear likely that fight will happen.

Silva, who is currently waiting to hear about who his next opponent will be, has informed UFC president Dana White that he doesn’t have any desire to go back to 205 pounds again. He wants to finish his career as a middleweight.

“Anderson Silva has made it very clear to me that he does not want to fight at 205 pounds,” White stated following UFC 128.

The UFC’s reigning and defending middleweight champion will more than likely face either top 185-pound contender Yushin Okami or, in true super fight fashion, take on Georges St-Pierre if the Canadian is able to get past Jake Shields at UFC 129.

Silva vs. St-Pierre is the super fight everyone has been talking about for years, at least until Jon Jones put on a show at UFC 128.

According to White, Silva only tested the waters at 205 pounds because the UFC was essentially asking him to do it. Now he is content to stay at 185 pounds, defend his title, and let the best of the best come to him.

Even with the temptation of adding another title to his mantle, Silva just doesn’t seem interested in any fight at light heavyweight.

“Originally, when I was always talking about him trying to go for another belt at 205 pounds, and he stuck his big toe in it a couple times, I think because I was pushing the issue. He’s made it very clear he doesn’t want to fight at 205,” White stated.

Silva still has plenty of challenges, however, without ever facing Jon Jones. Beyond St-Pierre and Okami, there’s still a potential rematch with Chael Sonnen looming overhead. The middleweight champion can stay plenty busy and face a lot of top competition, it just won’t be at 205 pounds.


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