Brazilian soap opera to have UFC fighter part by @graciemag

Aguinaldo Silva: another of MMA’s allies in the greater Brazilian media

“Fina Estampa,” the next prime time soap opera on Brazil’s most popular television network, TV Globo, will feature a UFC fighter as a character. The news was released by author Aguinaldo Silva in Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos’s “Gente Boa” column in the Saturday edition of O Globo newspaper.

“I’ve been watching the UFC ever since the Gracie’s were unbeatable,” said Aguinaldo, showing he knows his stuff. “I was going to put a soccer player in there, but who could stand that? I picked up on the male audience’s obsession with fighting. I did some research and then changed the whole story around.”

Little did Aguinaldo know that Rio de Janeiro’s female community gets together to watch the UFC and knows more than most fanboys. . .

Asked in the column about who will play the fighter, the screenwriter said: “Wolf Maia (director) suggested Rodrigo Santoro. If his commitments abroad don’t get in the way. . .”

If they get in the way, then Cauã Reymond, a Jiu-Jitsu brown belt, enters the fray, along with some other big names in the Brazilian media.


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