Dana White Breaks Down UFC 129′s Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields

Many people are overlooking Jake Shields in his upcoming challenge of UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre at UFC 129 in Toronto. UFC president Dana White even says that only 18 percent of fans polled on UFC.com give Shields a chance to win the fight.

Many people also don’t know Shields beyond his recent entry into the Octagon. Those that look deeper know that he has been a champion in nearly every organization in which he has fought. He’s beaten such luminaries as Dan Henderson, Robbie Lawler, and Jason Miller. Shields even defeated current UFC fighters Carlos Condit and Yushin Okami… both in one night!

None of this has gotten past St-Pierre or his boss. In fact, White believes this is St-Pierre’s toughest test to date. White spoke one-on-one with us at MMAWeekly.com to break down the St-Pierre vs. Shields fight and answers the question about whether or not St-Pierre will have cleaned out his division – if he wins this weekend – opening the gates for a possible superfight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.


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