Dana to Nick Diaz: Please don’t flip off & threaten fans

At the post fight press conference, Dana White addressed GSP vs Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz. in further detail. White expresed concern about the Diaz’s stated hope to box professionally, and about his unwillingness to “play the game.”

“I talked to them again here tonight,” White said after the soldout UFC 129 show. “When they got off the stage, they were yelling s— at fans, and Nate Diaz starts flipping everybody off when they get off the stage. Everywhere we go, I talk to those two first and say, ‘Be cool. Everything is going to be good, right?'”
“They’re unique individuals, those two. I like them. I like their attitudes. I like their styles. You’ve got to play the game a little bit, please. And please don’t flip off fans and threaten to kick everyone’s asses.”
Despite the UFC’s recent purchase of Strikeforce and his promise that business would continue “as usual,” is there anything that could prevent White from setting up St-Pierre vs. Diaz?
“I can do what I want to do,” White told MMAjunkie.com.
“I’ve got to go talk him about boxing first, and then we’ll see what happens there,” said White, who said he plans a trip to Diaz’s Stockton, Calif. home for a chat. “I do respect Nick Diaz’s boxing. He’s got good boxing for MMA, but boxing and MMA are two totally different sports, man – two totally different sports.”
“It’s an interesting fight,” White said. “I was there live for that last fight. I was blown away by Nick Diaz’s last fight. He looked incredible.”


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