Business As Usual Update: ZUFFA Cleans Strikeforce

Reports started circulating today that ZUFFA has recently put former WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby in as the main man leading the new wave of Strikeforce fight pairing.

Prior to Shelby taking the roll inside Strikeforce, the job was that of Rich Chou.

At one point in time, before the UFC acquisition of Strikeforce, company CEO, Scott Coker, had hinted that he was grooming Chou as the future face of the organization. Now those days are apparently over.

Since the UFC took over Strikeforce a few months ago, they promised and coined the phrase “Business as usual”. However that is a far cry from what has actually happened. Initially we saw a push in media policy changes, than we saw the influx of UFC personnel such as Burt Watson, Fertitta and White taking on active rolls during showtime.

Now it appears that the UFC/ZUFFA army has assumed a full takeover of operations.

It has come to my attention that not only has Rich Chou been replaced by Shelby, but outside of Coker (who was apparently demoted to Vice President / General Manager) and the ring girls, the entire back end  of the Strikeforce promotion was let go yesterday.

At this point I do not know exactly how many employee’s received their pink slips, but as a reporter who covered Strikeforce regularly, I can assure you that a small army of people just hit the unemployment lines.

To be fair, I was also told that ZUFFA has offered to allow any Strikeforce employee to apply for employment with them directly, but still, what a taxing assault on a fully staffed organization.

Business as usual?


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