Learn exclusive techniques from De La Riva and Carlson Gracie Jr.

The BJJ Professional Cup only gets underway at Biella, Italy’s Lauretana From gynasium this Saturday, but Friday was a gi-wearing occasion. Some of the participants in the event made the most of a seminar by Carlson Gracie Jr., Ricardo De La Riva and the organizer of the event, Ari Galo.

Not even world champion Bernardo Faria, the Alliance rep set to take on Raphael Abi-Rihan in one of the superfights, stayed out, while Wellington Megaton and a number of other black belts joined the excitement.

Speaking of black belts, the stars of the event are already in Biella. Bernardo, Kron Gracie, Yan Cabral and Abi-Rihan are all in the area. We also came across Lúcio Lagarto and students on the train, following a day excursion to Milan, the land of high fashion.

This Saturday the colored belts take to the mats, while the best part of the show – the supermatchups and black belt contest – will be held on Sunday, with Mario Vilella, the founder of the event, in attendance.

Check out this can’t-miss De La Riva and Carlson Jr. video below, with three positions and plenty of pointers, as well as behind-the-scenes photos taken in Italy:

Organizador Ari Galo com De La e Carlson Jr


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