With 2,300 on board, Brazilian Nationals goes off in Tijuca by @graciemag

The Brazilian Nationals absolute division just wrapped up at Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club, and you can keep up with the action on Twitter. Follow masters @judsonborges and @fabiogurgel to find out what’s going on – with pictures and everything.

The open weight semifinals were defined at 4:40 pm. Sergio Moraes (Alliance) was matched with Nivaldo Oliveira (CheckMat), while Marcio Pé de Pano was set to face Léo Nogueira (Alliance).

In the first semifinal, Nogueira swept and passed the devilish guard of Pé de Pano, winning the battle by 5 to 0.

In the second, Sérgio Moraes started out by launching a foot assault and sweeping Nivaldo: 2 to 0. The CheckMat athlete did not bow down, returning the sweep and tying the score. Sérgio thus won by two advantage points to one, and the Alliance aces closed out the absolute. “But there’ll be more tomorrow,” said a vibrant Moraes, as he made his exit.

The four semifinalists survived a riveting 32-man absolute division. Sérgio secured his spot by submitting Ricardo Evangelista in the quarterfinals via triangle. Nivaldo made it past Augusto Ferrari. Now Pé de Pano overcame lightweight Leandro “Lo” with an armbar in the quarterfinals. Léo Nogueira also had a good run, having overcome Theodoro Canal with a wrist lock.

Brazilian Nationals – absolute champions

1994 – Amaury Bitetti
1995 – Fabio Gurgel
1996 – Antonio “Nino” Schembri
1997 – Roberto “Gordo” Correa
1998 – Saulo Ribeiro
1999 – Murilo Bustamante
2000 – Marcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz
2001 – Fernando “Tererê”
2002 – Alexandre “Café” Dantas
2003 – Fernando “Tererê”
2004 – Xande Ribeiro
2005 – André Galvão
2006 – Marcelinho Garcia
2007 – Luiz Felipe “Big Mac”
2008 – Alexandre Souza
2009 – Tarsis Humphreys
2010 – Bernardo Faria
2011 – Sérgio Moraes/Leonardo Nogueira


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