Rio Open: Evangelista and Igor Silva shut out black belt absolute by @graciemag

Evangelista defeated Leandro Lo on points. Photo: Gustavo Aragão.

While in the Masters & Seniors the seasoned old black belts, like Helvécio Penna, Osiris and Adimilson Brites, put on a show, in the adult division the young guns in the Rio Open went to war in the absolute.

The big standout was Ricardo Evangelista, who won the absolute after closing out with Igor Silva. The GFTeam heavyweight made it to the final after getting past a game Leandro Lo, a lightweight with a slick guard. Now Igor Silva had three matches in the absolute and took home the silver.

Check out the official results at and check back later to find out how Sunday’s action unfolds.


1) Ricardo Evangelista (GF Team)

2) Igor Silva (GF Tea)m

3) Leonardo Maciel (Pitbull)

3) Leandro Lo (PSLPB Cicero Costha)


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