UFC boss says with communication open, Alistair Overeem could be octagon-bound








RIO DE JANEIRO – While UFC president Dana White was absolutely beaming following Saturday night’s highly successful UFC 134 event, he still took time to address a small group of reporters regarding a variety of subjects.

While most of the inquiries surrounded UFC 134 contestants, White was also asked to address the possibility of Alistair Overeem (35-11 MMA, 3-0 SF) returning to Strikeforce or even joining the UFC.

White declined to offer a specific update but did confirm that negotiations are ongoing and that all possibilities are being discussed, including the potential for Overeem to soon make his octagon debut.

“We’re talking,” White said. “You guys know how that whole thing went down. Golden Glory was in this position where we couldn’t do business, and they changed their position, which I respect. Now we can do business.”

Overeem, of course, was released from the promotion in late July following a conflict with UFC and Strikeforce officials regarding his ability to compete in a Sept. 10 bout with Antonio Silva.

His Golden Glory teammates Marloes Coenen, Jon Olav Einemo and Valentijn Overeem were released shortly after, and White pointed to the team’s wishes for paycheck to be issued directly to management as the cause for the move.

White said he still stands firm in that position but that he’s happy Golden Glory has changed their tune, allowing for a new deal.

“We’re never going to be in a situation where we pay managers and not fighters,” White said. “We pay fighters. Fighters pay managers. We’re never going to be in that situation, no matter who the guy is.

“Look how many guys from team Black House fight in the UFC. If tomorrow, they said, ‘Hey, listen – you’ve got to pay us and not the fighters,’ we’re going to be in the same situation. It’s not going to happen.”

But while Overeem was under Strikeforce contract when he was released of his duties, White said that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll return to that promotion if the Dutch heavyweight does return to the Zuffa, LLC roster.

“We’ll see,” White told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.coom). “We’ll see what happens.”

So does that mean Overeem’s next fight could potentially take place in the UFC?

“It could,” White teased.


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