Gina Carano 6th Sexiest Woman Alive – Esquire Magazine
Congratulations to Gina a good friend and loyal supporter of OTM!Gina Carano, Actress, MMA Fighter # 6 of 15 Hottest WomenFor having the guts of a fighter but not the body of one. For drawing the attention of Steven Soderbergh, who cast her in his new movie, Haywire, in which she — an MMA fighter — plays a spy who’s as tough as she is lovely. And for unintentionally making Channing Tatum look like a good actor, at least in comparison.

The whole list:

1- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Model-Actress

2- Emma Stone, Actress

3- Beyoncé, Singer

4- Esperanza Spalding, Jazz Bassist and Singer

5- Maria Bello, Actress

6- Gina Carano, Actress, MMA Fighter

7- Hope Solo, Goalkeeper, U. S. Women’s National Team

8- Mila Kunis, Actress, Ukraine

9- Vera Farmiga, Actress, Ukrainian-American

10- Olga Fonda, Actress, Russia

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