World’s No Gi IBJJF Results

A very good turnout and 12 rings had the event moving. Some great finals matches especially the ladies and some upsets made this a great and entertaining event. Below are quick results

Rooster: Brandon Mullins over Joseph Capizzi pts 5 x 0

Light Feather: Caio Terra over Laercio Lima by advs 4 x 4 pts 3 ads

Feather: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles over Justin Rader points

Light: Lucas Lepri over Augusto “Tanquinho” by adv 0x0

Medium: Victor Estima over Thiago Aragao by sub foot-lock

Medium- Heavy: Rafael Lovato Jr over Pablo Popovitch pts 4 x 0

Heavy: Lucas Leite over Roberto “Tussa” Camrgo by advs

SuperHeavy: Marcus “Bochecha” over Antonio Peinado Submission Choke

Ultra- Heavy: Roberto Cyborg over Ricardo “Pantcho” Feliciano By submission triangle


Feather: Michelle Nicolini over Nyjah Easton submission arm-lock

Light: Bia Mesquita over Tracey Goodell by points

Medium: Rachel Dema over Emily Kwok submission knee-bar

Heavy: Emily Wetzel over Katrina Weilbacher by sub rear naked choke


Mens Closed by Marcus “Buchecha” and Joao Assis. “Buchecha” won over Cobrinha in the semi’s and Joao Assis over Peinado in the semi’s


Michelle Nicollini submitted Bia Mesquita via toe-hold in 35 secs


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