Anderson Silva Likely Sidelined Until Mid-2012

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is currently nursing an injured shoulder and it appears he will be on the shelf for several months.

Following his win in Brazil in August, Silva was reported to have bursitis in his shoulder that forced the reigning 185-pound king to take some time off to allow the healing to begin.

All signs were pointing towards Silva returning in early 2012 to defend his middleweight belt against top contender Chael Sonnen.

Not so fast.

Apparently, Anderson Silva’s shoulder injury is serious enough that he won’t likely return until approximately June 2012.

Following the UFC 139 post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was asked point blank if reports that Silva could be out until June were true, and he simply answered ‘yes.’

The unfortunate side of that news is the fact that a highly lucrative rematch between Silva and Sonnen has to be put on hold.

The other side, however, is that Sonnen could possibly be available to fill a main event slot on the upcoming UFC on Fox 2 show on Jan. 28 in Chicago.

“It’s possible,” White answered when asked about Sonnen ending up on that card.

Sonnen has stated in different interviews that he would happily keep busy and take another fight instead of sitting, waiting for Silva to get healthy.

So it looks like for now the heated rivalry between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will have to cool down until the champion can get healthy and return to action.


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