Hi everyone
Prof. Fabio Holanda is organizing a BJJ Seminar with Prof. Suyan Queiroz in Canada, and The BJJ Connection is proud to announce that Prof. Suyan Queiroz will be coming to Ottawa for a seminar. Location and date to be confirmed soon.
Name: Suyan Queiroz Belt: Black 4th degree Begin in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with 10 years old. Graduated in 1998 Black Belt at Carlson Gracie Team. Have 15 Black Belts under his name. Among the many projects he help to created the 1st National Team of Jiu Jitsu in UAE. Participated in the implementation of the BJJ in the UAE ARMED FORCES, implementation of the BJJ in government schools in Abu Dhabi through of the School Jitsu project idealized by Carlos Santos that did the Jiu Jitsu mandatory discipline in more than 40 public schools in the region of Abu Dhabi and directly generating jobs for more than 80 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Teachers.
Main title: BJJ Competitions: 1x World Champion (IBJJF) 4x State Champion (FJJ-RIO) 1xBrazilian Champion by Team 2xBrazilian(CBJJ) Champion 1x Pan American Champion (IBJJF) 1x Champion II Submission Wrestling from Campos MMA fights: 1 AFC Brasil (Absoluting Fighting Championship) Champion 2 TFC Kansas City-USA (Titan Fighting Championship) Champion.


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