12 de March de 2011


With € 60,000 in prizes, the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professional Cup, comes to innovate and build a new concept of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. With a very well organized structure, athletes from all around the world and the presence of great champions and idols of the sport, the event promises to be a show full of great fights.

Located in the beautiful town of Biella, Italy, the tournament is a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy traveling and at the same time put their Jiu Jitsu into prove, in the search for the great title.
The championship will be held on the 13th, 14th and 15th May, at the Lauretana Forum
stadium, in Biella, Italy. The event is open to all gyms.
Application’s deadline: May 5
Date and schedule check: May 9
Announcement of matches: May 10
Price: € 100.00 until April 15. After that, € 120.00 .
Location: Lauretana Forum Stadium next to the Centre Commerciale “Gli Orsi” Viale Domenico Modugno 3, 13900, Biella, ITALY.



€ 60,000 in prizes. Cash prizes for the adult athletes from White Belt to Black Belt. Prize money also for the categories: Male Master and Female Adult. There will only be prize money if there’s fight in the relevant category. The categories Youth, Senior and Super Senior will not have a cash prize, but will get medals.
Athletes of the Adult Male category, belonging to white, blue, purple and brown belts, should rank among the top 4 of each class to fight for the Open Class.

* Female Categories: Only Adults. Up to 66KG and Over 66KG
** Female Category: White and Blue belts will compete in the same division
** Female Category: Purple, Brown and Black belts will compete in the same division


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